Better late than never 🤠

It’s been on my list for years, since I 1st saw the original Crossfire.
Ordered the Pro back in April, got it in June and started assembly. Just made my 1st beautiful cut last night :grin:


Welcome to the forum!

Did you hand code the G-Code for your test? If not, what software tool(s) did you use?

Welcome, glad you got it working.

LOL, I hit the start button 3 times and edited the pierce delay twice before I realized the plasma wasn’t even plugged in
Put the Test Card into LibreCAD, which is very similar to the AutoCAD I learned 20 years ago, then SheetCAM, then FireControl.

Welcome to the forum!!

Just so you know I never make mistakes like that :rofl:

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Welcome to the forum.
I can’t wait to make my first cut. I’ve had my XR for almost 2 weeks and as soon as I get a break in business, I’ll cut.

Welcome to the forum.
Congrats on your purchase and first cut.
Lot of fun to be had.

Some members have found they benefit from a list of things posted above the machine to check before hitting start lol.