Best (cheapest) place to buy Hypertherm consumables

Me too. I have purchased quite a few things from Baker gas.

Don, I appreciate your success with those fine cut. I have not tried them but the “regular nozzles” were just a bit off on the dimensions and we are creatures of our own experiences.

Metal is just too expensive for me to try and save in the consumables. I will be buying only Hypertherm from here on out. If I change my mind, I will have my wife order the knock off ones. :rofl:


I know it’s your page, I just recall another one of your posts in a different thread stating you offer them.

They’re not advertised as being T45 consumables, but now you say they did work as T45 consumable replacements. Do you offer T45-torch specifics then?

I don’t mind buying Hypertherm brand but if I can save a few bucks and still achieve good results, why not?

I especially won’t give my money to the cheap Chinese-clone sets.

Depends on the components using said batteries; I’ll only buy US-made if they’re going in my expensive equipment as the other stuff I heed less caution to.

Duracell, Energizer, etc. have manufacturing done all over and placed in the same packaging.

What few people realize is that the batteries themselves are labeled as far as where they’re manufactured - when you’re at Target or whatever choice store you use, grab a few packages and compare the batteries within them. You’ll find some made in India, Taiwan, USA, and they are no different in price as it’s the same packaging and SKU. USA variants will yield a better quality battery however.

Last thing I’d want is for my PEQ2 or my MOD3B’s to suffer failure from a cheap battery leak or worse

That’s about $14-15k in equipment right there alone.

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Same reason I bought a Hypertherm Machine and Hypertherm consumables



Hypertherm is next!

Just waiting for the 45 SYNC.

Hey Tin, have you been using sync consumables a while? I was thinking out switching to them myself but haven’t bit the bullet yet on those.

Have you heard or seen anything indicating that they are making a Powermax45 SYNC?

I have Powermax85 standard version that I run the SYNC adaptor on sometimes. I Also have a Powermax 45XP that sees no action.

Why would you want a Powermax 45 SYNC? The marking capabilities , slight lower amperage and portability of the 45XP is what sets it apart from the 65 and 85. I haven’t seen any sign that they are making a SYNC marking cartridge. Even if they made one what do you gain over the 65 SYNC or 85 SYNC ?

Technically the water in the water table on the Langmuir is too close for the min 3" away Hypertherm recommends for the SYNC consumables as well, but I’ve never had any issues.

What I hope is that Hypertherm makes a smaller amperage (85-100 amps ) single phase budget XPR machine.

January 2022 is when I started to use a SYNC adaptor on the powermax85 . I still mostly use the standard consumables. Both provide good cuts when you follow the cut charts. Watch the adaptor it eats up your Z height.


No need to cut even at the thickness rated for, and just word that it might happen within the next year.

Plus going SYNC I’d be looking at a different table anyway and the Optimum software on STV’s tables look really good.

I use a Motorgard Sub Micronic Cartridge filter at the point of entry on all 3 of my plasma machines. They aren’t all that expensive and the elements are easily replaceable and they remove 100 of the moisture that is always present in any airline as well as any debris that may be present down to 5 micron’s. Been using them for years. I have a refrigerated IR drier on the main airline adjacent to the big compressor but I still get some moisture which adversely impacts consumables

They are on Amazon but you can buy them direct from Motorgard as well. I believe I paid around 75 bucks for each of them when I bought them years ago.

I have since sold my big Hypertherm plasma cutter because the consumables have gotten so pricey, especially the Fine Cut consumables. Purchased a couple Harbor Freight Titanium Plasma cutters, one 45 amp and 2 60 amp and of course they have the Motorgard cannister filters on each of them.

Actually, I sold the Hypertherm plasma and a Lincoln Square Wave TIG machine at the same time and turned around and bought the HF Pro-Tig 205. The HF Pro-Tig has many more features than the Square Wave had and the Pro-Tig is an inverter machine whereas the Square Wave was a transformer based machine. Transformer machines are much less energy efficient and heavy.

I will say the Pro-Tig produces and maintains a very stable arc and it’s lift arc as well and the digital readout is much better plus I got a 3 year no questions asked warranty on it.

Only transformer machines I have left are a pair of Hobart Handler 210’s that I will never sell simply because they are excellent machines and marginally capable of spray arc transfer something I do lot of.

Welcome to the community @SidecarFlip. All good information you shared.

How often do you need to change the Moto Guard filters?

What I did was I installed an analog pressure gage on each side of the filter cannister and when there is a notable drop in pressure between the gages, I change the filter element so the change time varies and during the humid summer months element changeout is more often even though the shop is climate controlled (heated in the winter and refrigerated in the summer) which is something I have to do to maintain the tolerances on the machine tools. Machine tool like a consistent temperature so I maintain it at 70 (f) all the time. Having said that, it’s never shorter than a month.

I will say I’m 100% sold on them and unlike desiccant units there is no beads to handle or drying them out in the oven and I don’t believe my wife would be all that keen on that anyway. Changing the elements is as simple as taking the top off, which is secured with a Tee handle so no tools required, take the old element out, put in a new one and put the top back on. The cannisters have a rubber ring gasket to seal the halves.

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Solid advice, indeed! Thanks.

Well, I need some advice and I don’t know where to post it actually. Which ever table I buy after the first of the year, it will have to be moveable, as on heavy duty casters. Reason being that if I have a piece of excavation machinery in the shop, the table will have to be moved to allow for that. The only way around that is, add on to the shop and I really don’t want to do that at this time.

So I’m in a quandary about how to proceed. The concrete floor in the shop is very level, has to be with the machine tools so that isn’t an issue. The issue is, can I modify the table (looking at the 4x8) so I can move it if necessary and will I have to add additional leg bracing to accomplish that?

To @SidecarFlip
You would be best to start a new topic and just say something short and sweet in the topic and just put it in the category of “Uncategorized.”

I have the Pro table. Many of us make them portable and the recommendation from Langmuir is to set it on a moveable base structure. Some people feel the PRO is just not stout enough for moving around all the time. Some of those who have both the PRO and the XR have them both on movable bases and claim the XR is some much more robust in its structure that they like the feel of that added support. Plus the XR has an electronic squaring feature, “autosquaring.” So if you get it a bit tweaked, you can still get it to cut straight and square.

Others will chime in and correct me…and I hope they do. But consider starting a new thread because obviously the topic of Hypertherm consumables is way off the path.

On any page, just click here and it will take you to the main forum page:

Then on that page click here:

So in answer to your question about which table: I believe the 4X8 table, which is the XR would be your best choice.

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The waiting is over

Plasma, waterjet and laser cutting systems from HyperthermHypertherm 45 sync info



whats the benefit of the sync? looks like more shit to go wrong

Better consumable life, narrower kerfs, low cut height 30a to 100a machines.

Tin will fill in all the details.


Don’t worry, many others didn’t believe me either when I told them one was coming out :rofl:

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I was lamenting them not releasing it 2 1/2 years ago when they released all their other products in the SYNC.

I’m not a non-believer I’ve just been waiting for a long time.

I’m really interested when they’re going to be dropping the SYNC marking consumables and if the marking consumables will be backwards compatible with the adapters on the PowerMax 65/85 and on the original PowerMax 45 XP


I own two plasma cutters now. I really don’t see a third landing in the trailer.

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