Best altgernitive to fusion 360

so, after alot of frustration and now wasted time/metal, i think the issue that im having with torch voltage loss is comeing from the gcode from fusion 360. anyone have an alternitive that will not have so many issues? im willing to pay for it if need be as well. already spent $$$$ on turnkey cnc matchine that wont cut with fusion 360 very well even though it is recommended to get. please let me know, need this huge paper weight working!!!

btw i forgot to add i can stright cut with firecontrol just fine, no issues, so i dont think it has anything to do with torch or crossfire table.

purchase package crossfire pro, water table, razorweld 45 plasma.

Are you using the right post processor?

Yes I was able to make some cuts a couple weeks ago. Then upgraded to new fire control and fusion 360 looks to be updated and now running into issue on torch stopping in middle of cuts from fusion 360. Straight cuts from firecontrol dont drop voltage

Fire control 20.5, machine 1.2, post processor 1.6.