Bending a Helmet Hook on the NEW Titan 25T CNC Press Brake

The new Titan 25T CNC Press Brake bending a stainless steel Helmet Hook! This part was programmed entirely in BendControl using our conversational programming option. If you’re interested in this game changing tool, don’t miss our pre-order launch on January 15th at 10am CT! Website will be live on FRIDAY with much more information on this machine so stay tuned!

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Very impressive!!! Truly. I just can’t buy everything that Tin and BigDaddy recommends.

Plus, I have run out of optimizing my space. Nearly every new thing is on wheels. Here is my shop:

My air compressor system is contained in about 6 square feet, next to Mrs. ChelanJim’s car:

I can’t really show you the picture of my CFPro as the car is bumped up against it. :rofl:

Now Tin has me convinced that I need a 3D Printer. Pretty soon I will be banned from this site by my wife. :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

Oh well, I will keep dreamin’ and I hope Langmuir keeps making me long for more space! Keep up the good work.


See if this works. Look at her with puppy dog eyes and say it is for the best if we park the car outside.:grimacing:

To rip off a quote from Warren Miller

“If you don’t [buy it] this year you will only be one year older when you do.”


LOL…are you cross-eyed insane???

Did you not read my post where just less than a week ago she sat me down and explained that if I was not willing to do more things with her, she was ready to walk away from our 46 years of marriage? :roll_eyes: :rofl:

But, that previous conversation was resolved by me saying “Yes Mrs. ChelanJim…why don’t you plan a road trip”…which I HATE road trips. She then said I could get a 3D printer if I made room for it.

Note: That room is not going to be in the garage or shop. I will be ‘optimizing’ yet another space of our home: the rec room!

Edit: I apologize to @langmuir-mike. I did not mean to make this thread about me. :grimacing: Sorry!

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Well… Is it worth a couple welding classes for her?

Be ready to dodge large items and invite her to the garage to spend time with you…

Yes my mother has ne tested. Results was not crazy just insane!:person_facepalming:


For my wife this is a code word for I have to get rid of something else to “make room” I usually try to get away with getting rid of a dress shirt or a pair of old pants or something… maybe you could try that? :wink: :joy:


Oh that wouldn’t work with me… I would ask where do you want to go?

What you said something!
:thinking: :grimacing:


Thank you for the support and great ideas. Now back to the NEW Titan 25T CNC Press Brake.

Very cool machine.


It is a neat machine. Just try to help increase langmuir’s sales. Then a a friend gets a new toy! We got your back.


Look her straight in the eyes Jim, and tell her It was a great 46 years I am going to miss you and walk away…
PS let us know how it goes over…


better rename this thread:

                                                  HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

I really don’t think I need to spend the money as my helmet hooks work just fine. :rofl: :rofl:


George, nails are Old School!

After seeing how this thread is progressing no wonder Langmuir post on Facebook :thinking:


I hang mine on the welding tank regulator… :grimacing:. Might be like clamping to the torch head?’ :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


We are selling CNC presses like candy bars! Peer pressure best selling point.

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:joy: I thought I was the only one - my real welder friends are appalled :grinning:


was this bending of the ‘helmet hook’ at 50% speed ?

I don’t believe so. But now that you say that, the person’s movement seemed somewhat slow. :man_shrugging: