Benchtop installation

Gday all,
I’m expecting my Crossfire in January but want to install it on my big steel workbench rather than using the legs. Has anyone gone this route and if so how was it implemented? Any suggestions welcomed!

You could easily just cut down all 4 legs and assemble as normal. That way you could still use the caster inserts but use leveling bolts in place of the casters.

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Thought of that but didn’t want to cut legs. Think I’ll fab new, short legs to retain the rigidity. The adjusters are a great idea.

Good idea. It’s standard 2x2 square tubing. Even in stainless a section long enough to get 4 lshort tabletop legs wouldn’t be too expensive.

I have an onlinemetals shipping location near me I pick up from (saving shipping) - if there’s one close that could be a good source. You could also order it in 4 1-ft sections and shipping wouldn’t have a size surcharge.