Before I assemble...what can I add? Which Compressor

So I’m about to receive my Pro and I plan to plumb the pan, is there something like a fitting I should add to better help drain.

Anything else I should know about? I’m good a Design but have never used a Plasma, just welder.

And here’s my unboxing of Plasma Cutter.

Also which Compressor?

26 Gallon 175 PSI Ultra Quiet Vertical Shop/Auto Air Compressor

2 Gallon 135 PSI Ultra Quiet Hand Carry Jobsite Air Compressor


Probably neither. 2G is definitely not enough and 4.5SCFM is too anemic. My SWAG is 6CFM min, 26 Gal is usable if you’re not cutting big stuff.


I would agree with Tom on this…throw away the 2 gallon…it will not keep up for almost any torch…
the 26 gallon will hold up for cuts of less that around 1 minute…then you will have loss of cutting or bad cuts…
you can get away with the 26 gallon if you spend more money on a reserve tank.
I run a 20 gallon California compressor into a 60 gallon reserve tank…I am able to cut up to 10 minutes straight without starting to worry about pressure drop and having to pause cutting.

also it is hard on my 20 gallon to do long cuts…I do not have the space or the shop built to get a new setup yet so I manage with pauses for cool down and catch up for compressor.

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Like TomWS mentioned, deffinitly not the 2 gallon one, might be able to use the 26 gallon but not for long cuts. For reffernce, my husky 60Gal with 11.5CFM is running way more than i would like it to while cutting. I would get the biggest one you can afford, that way hopefully wont have to upgrade later on.


Well, you guys are certainly fast at responding for my 1st post in the Community, thnx. I have hearing issues already (buzzing) and I’m concerned about noise, my pancake was crazy loud in my garage.

you can always build a sound box for a larger compressor…just make sure it has proper ventilation…

I have seen compressors built in nice insulated boxes with fans to cool the motors…
I have seen people put compressors outside in mild climates…

I actually y have my compressor in the basement…and my plasma in the garage…no noise…
I also have now some funky bluetooth earbuds and headphones for noise…I can listen to the radio…still hear the phone ring…continue with everything…

Pancakes are notoriously noisy. As @toolboy mentions, a sound box can be built, but you need to have an air supply to the box. If possible, make sure the air source is conditioned, dry air. Putting a compressor outside will create a very demanding dryer after the compressor (if you don’t live in an arid desert).

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Oil-less compressors are pretty noisy and don’t last as long as an old school oil-bath. You would want to check the CFM your plasma cutter needs and make sure your compressor is considerably more. I’ve got a 60 gallon kobalt from lowes that has been running for 15 years (they claimed 15,000 hours) with 18scfm. It cycles on/off while running the plasma cutter, which is what you want.

Reserve tank capacity gives you a burst of air, but can’t keep up with long runs, for that you need cfm, and at least double what your torch needs, so the compressor can shutdown for a while & cool off.

I don’t think anybody has mentioned the importance of dry air. You want the driest air you can possibly achieve for longest consumable life and better behavior of the plasma cutter in general. The driest air is cool air, the cooler the better for getting the moisture out. If you live in a desert you probably don’t need to care much, but in a high humidity location you’ll likely want a refrigeration unit.

First I’ve heard of it!


This has been talked about several times in the forum. Do a search on “Harbor Freight Air Dryer” and it should bring up the one below.

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In this particular thread, not the world in general…