Bed slats/stringers cut file

Has any one done a cut file for the bed lats/stringers that your project sets on?

Fireshare has several files for bed slats.

If you’re going to cut pointed slats, choose one with a full triangle at the ends. The ones I cut have a point at the ends and it gets hooked on any cut out areas of the sheet, when trying to load and unload sheets of metal.


Okay I am a little confused on the pointed slats. My slats on the XR are square with slots that interlock into each other and have bottom slats that the torch never reaches and are under water the entire time. the top slats are 75% under water and the top that you project sits on is flat edged. Are the ones that are pointed the top slats? Since the bottom slats never get touched by the torch I have been considering Stainless so it wont rust. When I built my table I switched all the bed bolts with stainless. I couldn’t bring myself to use things that would eventually fail and rot for something I dropped that kind of cash on.

Apples and oranges. The slats for the XR are different than the ones for the Pro table or the standard Crossfire.

If you specify the machine you have or post in the category for that machine, you’ll get more relevant answers to your questions.

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Machine: CrossFire XR (4x8)

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The flat edge points up, you can cut new slats that have points cut in slat helps cut down on water splash and last longer that material sits on. My pro with pointed slats that I cut. Haven’t changed over to pointed slats yet on my XR.