Bearing not making contact on Y axis

Yesterday I set up my table and upon running the break in program I noticed that some of the bearings do not make contact with the square tubing. The bearing that are circled green are the ones that do not make contact (they spin freely). Any idea on what to do to correct this? Thanks in advance

It’s normal. I think all of our tables do this.

Here’s my table.

Somewhere there is instructions how to adjust to fix that


The CrossFire Y axis carriage has 4 adjustable bearing blocks and 4 fixed bearing blocks. All of the adjustable bearing block bearings must be touching and at least one bearing per each fixed bearing block must be touching.

To adjust the adjustable bearing blocks, slightly loosen the two cap screws and then turn the black set screw clockwise. That will drive the bearings into the rail. Stop when they are both in contact with the rail and re tighten the cap screws.

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Great, thank you for the quick reply

Sorry i meant to write clockwise in post. I have since changed it.