Bearing adjustments

My gantry seems to be very tight. I am just assembling my xl now. I watched the video on the bearing adjustment but still seems tight. One place said that bearings do not need to make contact, that seems strange. Any suggestions? Thanks,

Not all bearings will touch all the time. The tubes are not exactly plumb square and level.


The tube the bearings run down are not precision, so if you adjust the bearings in a spot where the thickness is a little smaller they may tight up in another section.

Back the bearing off until you can get it move freely, as you move try and wiggle it a little and see if you have play. If so tighten the bearings that will help eliminate that play but only a very small amount. Then move from one end to the other and make sure it still moves free. you want to remove as much play as you can and keep it rolling freely.

Don’t be in a hurry, its a tedious job!