Basic file manipulation


I just finished assembling my Pro, and went to the “firesshare” section ( I hope to share in the future). Is there somewhere in the form how to convert the files to G code?

Thanks for your replies.


Some of the files are “cut ready” that you load directly into Firecontrol and cut. Look for the files that say they are cut ready and pay attention to whether they are for a machine with a Z axis or No Z axis. The Z axis files will give you the option to change to a No Z profile and give the option to change the pierce delay and feed rate to match your plasma cutter and metal thickness. The No Z files are only useful on machines with no Z axis. Most of the files will be a Zip file that has to be “extracted” or “unzipped” before you can access the .tap or .nc file that you can load into Firecontrol.

Any of the files that just contain DXF or SVG files will have to be post processed in Fusion 360 or Sheetcam. There are some tutorials under the support tab on the main Langmuir web page.

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Thank you for your input, I really want to get my Pro up and cutting