Bar sink drain dimple die

Akozman has it right now. He indicated he planned to use it this weekend or next

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Any movement getting this die moved down the line?

Haven’t heard anything from Akozman. Based on what he said earlier, he will get on it this coming weekend. I’m all set to use the dies when they arrive. Already have the drain hole enlarged and have purchased the drain.

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I am also ready and waiting for my turn got drains and plumbing today for the pump system

FYI, The dies are on the move again and are scheduled to arrive at my house this coming Thursday.

I’ll PM you my address NWsenior. For when you are done with them.

Okay, bad news. It appears that half the die set got lost in transit and I only received one half the set. The package I received appears to be about a pound less (about the weight of a half die) of what was shown as shipped. The shipping box flap was trashed but taped up when I received it, Not sure what to do from here.

Seems to be about my luck after waiting all this time lol. What would it take to get someone to spin up some new ones on a lathe. I would have been willing to pay for a set long ago so that I didn’t have to wait.
@nortonscustoms would you have any interest in making a new set? We can pitch in to pay for time and material as well.