Bandsaw blades Where do you get them?

If you get bandsaw blades online where from? My local supplier was sold and I am not happy with the quality from the new owner

McMaster Carr: They sell Lenox and Starrett. If McMaster Carr doesn’t have it, You don’t need it.

3 Likes or Amazon. Shop around.


Zoro is a good place too. I believe that Zoro and Grainger are the same company.

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Zorro is Grainger light.

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Zoro is the place where the items that were overpriced on Grainger and didn’t sell, are sold at a ‘discount’.


I believe you are correct :100:

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These guys are semi local to me. Have had great luck with them. Good quality German made blades.

2 Likes has been good to work with and reasonably priced. They also helped me out with an issue I had cutting grouser bar for ice cleats.

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