Ballscrew protection Guards


Wondering if anybody has any ideas for baffles/guards for ball screw protection. I deal with a lot of composites and I’m a bit worried about the particulates clogging up the rails. I have a shopvac right next to the cutter to try and catch it, but a lot gets past it still. Any thoughts on how I can cover the ball screws?


I make these and they stop about 80% of the chips. I have a few kits left and do not plan on making any more. Shoot me a pm if interested

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I have one of AE95’s kits and they do help. I currently have it installed only on one Y axis and can see how much cleaner than one stays than the other.

I also have built a vacuum shroud that I plan to use when cutting wood and composites. I haven’t had a chance to test that yet (and I don’t use the MR-1 spindle, so my exact solution wouldn’t apply to your machine). My vacuum shroud is 3D printed and comes on and off with magnets, so it’s super quick to use.