Ball Lock Screw

Waiting for my arc-flat tables to arrive but looking at getting some tooling, Fireball tool has some nice 5/8 fixtures and adjustable tooth block kit that uses ball lock screw to secure to table.
Do the 5/8 ball lock screw work with the arc flat table, i know diameter is correct but some other tables I’ve seen them used on seem to have a chamfer on the bottom side of the hole when the balls expand against creating the holding and wedge force?

Thank you

Table thickness matters also. If your table is not chamfered on the bottom side you can do it with a hand drill. and bits are pretty cheap if you only need it to do the table.

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I have strong hand ball locks and the arc flat only being 3/8 thick is problem. I had to add washers to get them to work. Strong hand tables are 5/8 thick. It would depend on material thickness of the stops you were using them with.