Bad message cant find why

Trying to load mach3 crossfire motion control and getting this , .dill was blocked because this type of file can harm your device

do you have the original crossfire table prior to 2020?

Brand new just setting it up

you need to use firecontrol not mach3… Mach3 was for the legacy tables prior to 2020.

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just following program for down loads. Legacy mach 3 downloads 1st. version 3.043.006

if you’re watching the old crossfire assembly videos, then they are outdated.

Unless you bought the table second hand from someone, you need to use firecontrol.

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No table new … watched utube not sure what year

@nicaDd, Some people don’t like to listen, even when you hand them the answer… Then say they ‘cant find why’…


@nicaDd is exactly right, your CrossFire machine will use FireControl instead of Mach3

that worked !! Yea.
got a new one ? graphics card incompatible and gives a link to a new one that’s suppose to make it work . this shows up on the firecontrol screen
next can’t load the run break in program computer wants a title to assign to it

Are you using Windows 11 or a newer Apple computer with an M1 processor?

We’re currently looking into compatibility issues with FireControl 21.1.2, could you send an email to with some more information about the computer that you’re using?

Yes I will