Backlit LED Shop Sign

Made this one of my first projects. 1/8" steel. Customized the font to maintain the interior holes. Used a router and a flush trim bit with a bearing to trace the steel and cut the plastic and the wood backer. Routed a pocket to hold hte LED strip on the inside edge sideways. Reflective tape (metal duct sealing tape) on the bottom. The LED is RGBW so you can control it to almost any color.


Super cool! Where did you get the LED setup?

Very cool! I make lighted signs also. I use led strip lights from amazon.


Constantly blown away by the amazing work you guys are doing. Keep it up.

Looks awesome!!!

Funny… I’m in the process of doing one of these as well. What did you use for the “glass” and where did you get it? I was thinking of plexiglass and either sand blast it or put a translucent sticker on it

The brand name is Makrolon polycarb and its avail in all sorts of tints and colors. This was frosted already but you can take clear and sand or scuff it.

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You can use clear plexi/acrylic with a spray frosted finish. Krylon makes it and it’s available in the Big box stores. More coats makes for more of a frosted translucent finish. It’s a paint finish so it doesn’t show dots like some sandblasting effects - it’s very even.

Cheap solution to buying frosted acrylic and not having it when you need it or vice versa only having frosted but needing unfrosted :slightly_smiling_face:

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220 grit on a DA hit the back side of the plex. Frost’s it right up. might take a try or two to get the look you want right an even but very doable!

What font is that? That’s really cool.

called Hacjiuza but i had to modify it. convert the font to outlines and then manually modified the letters, esp the i because it didnt have a capitol I so i made it. also had to add the donut hole supports

Got my LED sign done. It’s going to our local snowmobile club membership supper as a silent auction item. It’s just led tape lights wound up inside the frame of the sign so it has a remote control for colors and transitions


It brought $130 on the auction. Little disappointing but o well.

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Here’s one I came up with for my shop…

First go at something like this… Fun stuff…