Back ordered XL kit

Has anybody with a back ordered XL kit received theirs yet? I’ve had my table for two months

Nope, not yet. Ordered my XL kit May 9th.

Trying to be patient. I checked on the status of mine. They messaged me back 22 days ago and said after they got more kits in mine would be shipped the next day. I noticed they’re not back ordered anymore, but have a lead time of like 6 to 8 weeks

My XL extension is arriving today. I ordered mine on March 5.

Mine too! That’s also when I ordered mine

I just got my XL kit delivered, now I can install my limit/home switches!!

…and, it seems the lower y axis tube has a bunch of unnecessary holes in it.

So what are the extra holes for? It’s still missing some of the holes required to be used for the top y gantry tube. Holes cost money!!