Back lit illuminated sign. with iphone app control

I was reading on a another post regarding trying to post projects independently in threads rather than adding to the really long one. hopefully i am doing it correctly. hi guys. here is a bull terrier i cut. it is 2ft by 2ft. i hot glued nylon photography light diffusing material on the back side. cut 1.25 inch sides to mimic a picture frame and glued usb powered led strips to the inside. the light strip is controlled with an iphone ap. the video link shows the sign in action. the still image shows it not illuminated. Video of illuminated wall art sign.
also a couple of custom pieces we created this week.


Nice work!


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Those are awesome looking!!

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All very nice work.
Like the lighted bull terrier

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@Zen thank you very much!

@Dobber thank you!

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