Back lighting a sign

So I know a lot of you guys do signs with backlighting. I have been trying to find a LED tape that would bend around a circle but cant find any.

just so you under stand what I want to do here is a video. I don’t have a problem doing this just thought there maybe something out there that is new.


Nice work! I’ve soldered one splice on the ribbon lights and it wasn’t that pretty.

I know you said “circle”, but I thought this would be a good thread to post these.

JACKYLED L Shape 4-Pin LED Connectors 10-Pack with 22Pcs Clips 10mm for Strip Lights -


Here is sign I did few months ago. You can bend the tape around on itself. I’m just a get it done type of guy. Done overthink something no one will ever see. :grinning:



So you think that tape you used there could lay flat and run around a 24" circle?

Wont I see it when I install it? :rofl: Sorry but Its just the way I am wired.

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here is the design that should help you make sense of the design I am trying to back light

I want to go around the very outside perimeter and have the lighting point towards the wall.
and I want a very soft light not bright at all

Source for your lighting? I love how that it’s not super bright.

May I suggest LED flexible light strip, you may have to cut and splice in many places (like every 3 LEDs to get it to conform to the perimeter), use super glue, as the tape that comes with it is crap. Spray a light coat of white rattle can paint on the LED strip to soften and diffuse the light. Also, play with the voltage powering the LED strip to get the intensity you’re after. :thinking: :beers: