Axis Tube and Lead Screw Covers?

Hello All!

I haven’t seen much discussion about this, so I thought I would ask the community if anyone has come up with a good solution for this.

As I get more and more cut hours on my Gen 1 Crossfire, the axis tubes constantly get a buildup of slag and coolant stuck on them which eventually gets stuck on the bearings. I do my best to keep the tubes and bearings wiped clean, but it seems like a problem that could solve itself with some bellows or some wipers for the tubes.

Has anyone identified an affordable bellows solution that could fit these machines? I had thought about trying some high temp brake ducting hose (link below for example) because I’ve got piles of it laying around, but that just seems a little unpolished.

High Temp Brake Duct Hose

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!

there are a lot of solutions…
-Some people cut new gantry gusset plate to raise the tubes up higher making more use of the THC travel
-Some people install silicone funnels on the torch head to reduce splash back of the torch head

  • Some people actually have made covers for the lead screws…
  • Some people have done it all…

most of this is for the pro…but I bet it can be modified for the Gen1

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Thanks for sharing! I like the silicone funnel idea maybe the most. That kills the majority of the problem at the source!

Do you have any links that show the lead screw covers? Just curious to see what others have tried.


there is a little magnifying glass on the top right corner of the screen…click it…type in a key word(s)

try this…Lead Screw…or even Lead Screw Guard…you might be surprised that shows up…

just like …silicone funnel…or…gusset plate…

the world will open up before your eyes