Aviation Plug Connector Male Female Panel wiring

Hello all…I’m new to this, not an electrician by any means so this may be a dumb questions. How would I wire a 4 pin Aviation Plug to a 2 wire connection for the Plasma cutter Razor 45? Which pins do I solder to? Do I even use this connection? See attached photos for reference. Just not sure how to wire this. If anyone can please give me a little help I would appreciate it!

Your razorweld should have come with 2x of the 2 pin plugs. You need to solder those to the leads going into the THC controller and to the torch on/off port. That lead goes from THC unit to your control box and does not need altering.

My 2 pin plugs almost got tossed out when I opened the razorweld… Trapped under flap. They are just plugs, no wires. You have to open ends and do detail solder/shrink-wrap work.

Hey JA,

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I was not sure which type of plasma cutter I was gong to use for the table so I decided to purchased the Razor afterwards from Amazon. Attached is the photo of what the front of my Razor 45. Wish I could attach more photos for reference.

What cables did it come with if any?

The plasma cutter came with the attached photos. Not sure the name of them.

The CNC table came with these cables. Thanks for your response/help by the way.

the easiest thing to do is take the cover off the cutter and look at the other end of the 4 pin connector to see which ones are wired and if in fact that port is for the torch on/off. then snip off the red blade terminals from the cable on the left with white ends and solder those ends to match up with the wired ones on the cutter.