AVAILABLE NOW! Hypertherm CPC Cable for CrossFire / CrossFire PRO

Now available for purchase on our online store; a purpose-built Hypertherm CPC cable to connect your plasma cutter to the CrossFire or CrossFire PRO.

Use this plug 'n play cable to directly connect your Hypertherm Plasma Cutter to any of our CrossFire CNC Machines . No need to splice into trigger wires or raw voltage to fire your torch or use Langmuir Systems Torch Height Control.

Works with:

  • Hypertherm PowerMAX 45/65/85
  • Hypertherm PowerMAX 45XP/65XP/85XP

To use:

  • Insert the CPC plug into your Hypertherm Plasma Power Supply.

  • Plug the longer cable barrel connector into the CrossFire Electronics Torch On/Off port.

  • If you have an LS-THC unit for your Machine, plug the shorter cable barrel connector into the DIV INPUT on your VIM Module.


Note: Use of this cable requires a CPC port and Hypertherm Machine Torch.

Note: If using a Hypertherm PowerMAX 65 or 85, be sure that your voltage divider is set to 50:1 before plugging into the LS-THC VIM module (50:1 is the default setting).

Wiring Schematic


I wanted a Hypertherm , instead I get a Jeep Transmition. Sigh …,…


@langmuir-mike Might I suggest: This would be good information included with the User Guide when discussing the CNC cable. I have spent 3 hours going through the User guide and support forum trying to figure out where the two barrel connectors go on the VIM. Now I see one goes to the VIM and the other to the Electronics Enclosure Torch On/Off port. I am good now. Smile back on.

I have the cable and would like to extend it so I can move the Hypertherm further away and mount it on the wall. What size is the cable end and should it be a shielded cable? @langmuir-mike

Do you have to have the machine torch or can you get away with the hand torch? I have a Powermax 85 I needed to install the CPC kit into, and own the THC kit with this cable.