Available Batch 2 orders

Just placed my order as one of the limited number of Batch 2 orders. So excited. Im order number 2911

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I’m order #2555 and I’m receiving the plasma cutter Thursday. It’s finally getting close.

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I already bought my own razorweld 30i viper plasma and computer. Did you already recieve ur crossfire?

Order 2918 for me. What computer did you purchase?

No all the other items are waiting to ship. Cutter is coming solo first.

I got the computer for Langmuir. I ordered their complete set up.

Im a Apple Mac man, but i got a Lenovo laptop for the Crossfire!

I’m 2377 and got a note the system will ship 10/1. But I got another email last week that the plasma cutter was shipping out with a tracking number and an estimated delayed very of Friday. But UPS is showing no progress except for the creation of the shipping notice.

I went and added a 50A circuit for the cutter to the garage yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: so I’m ready. Sort of.

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UPS wasn’t able to pick up all of the B2 plasma cutters in one shot. The rest are getting pickup today.


I am too but I figured I’d get one for plasma cutting independently

I’m gonna order some extra consumables so I have them on hand. Other then that I think I’m completely ready.

I did that when I got the shipping notice. Tips, shields, etc. But I kept with the 0.8mm tips as I don’t think I’ll be doing much where the 1.0 tip is better suited based on what I’ve seen posted so far. Seemed like having extra consumables to swap out would help with problem diagnosis too.

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Agreed most of my work is gonna be on the smaller side and it’s always good to have new extra parts available if possible.

It did seem like a few folks who had initial issues with their machines got resolved when they got replacement nozzles/tips - even though they had new ones to start with.

Cheap insurance against problems :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed. I was just reading the other threads about those issues.

Order 2295 haven’t received any information about shipping did I get skipped or just getting closer to getting it?

If I were to venture a guess you should be getting something within the next week or so.

Interesting. I’m 2377 and am scheduled to get my plasma cutter on Monday and the rest is supposed to ship on 10/1.

I’d drop them a note and see what your schedule is. They’ve posted that as the process (vs an open inquiry in the forum).

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Please email me directly at support@langmuirsystems.com
Because many of the B2 orders are for add on items such as plasma cutters, water tables, etc. people who briefly look at this thread are beginning to think they’ve been “skipped” when that’s not at all the case. To keep the confusion down, we’d prefer to give each requester that info rather than post it here. Thanks!


Plasma cutter being delivered tomorrow!

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