AUX1-4 on Gen2 Controller

On the Gen2 controller I see connections labeled AUX1-4 (J12/J3) along with power (5V)/gnd on the connectors.
Are these ports supported by the controller at this time?
if so how are they used?
are they outputs or inputs?
do they response the M64 P1 for example?

Any details on this is helpfull.


those are/were meant for future features like limit switches but seems like they haven’t/never got around to them yet. and who knows if they ever will.

I do believe the questions you are asking might pertain to proprietary information on the function of the Gen2 circuit boards…

Playing with these boards could result in frying them…

LIM1-3 would provide the Limit switch input. the board appears to have the support built-in
I image its the physical hardware and packing it is where they are at of unless there was allot of demand its not high on there list

AUX1-4 would typically be output by definition which is why I wonder if the M64/65 will work

Well see, its typical for CNC manufacturer to release all supported G/M-CODES they support and thats really the ask

Good luck with that. It hasn’t happened yet.

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I have looked thru to forum and unless I’m missing it I do not see where anyone has asked Langmuir for the list of supported G/M Codes.

if you know of such a thread please let me know?

I found a few basic ones, I"ve opened a ticket to Langmuir and will see what they say

can you clarify the answer for this please…

I have asked a number of times, never got a response.

I am pretty sure I found a list of the g codes on here in a Google drive. I saved it but really had not vetted it. Can say it is accurate. If that’s what you need I can email to you later.

Again I have not looked at them to make sure they are true.

There is no M64/65 output control in the Gen2 Controller. There are additional pins on all Gen2/Gen2XR Motion controllers for additional functionality in the future (ADD# labels). The limit switches, when released, will connect to the LIM# labeled pins.

Here is a guide to developing Post Processors for FC that outlines the codes available.


Thank you for the documentation. that helps. I’m working on a fusion post that allows more control from within the machine and post dialogs along with some other things and this doc helps allot with that.

Sad about the M64/M65 Support,
that would be typical of how you would support them.