Autodesk Inventor 2021

Will the fusion 360 post processor work with it’s big brother Autodesk Inventor? I have Inventor 2021 on my computer and really don’t want to use Fusion 360 if I don’t have to. As far as I know Inventor CAM and Fusion 360 have the same CAM package.

Inventor has a nesting add-on that I really want to use. I know I can nest all my DXF files in inventor, export them, and then post them using Fusion but that’s just extra steps. On top of that fusion’s CAM interface although having all the same tool paths is not as nice. Also fusion forces me to upload my CAD to the cloud were inventor has it’s file converters on board.

If you can generate DXF or SVGs from Inventor, then I would recommend using SheetCam as your CAM tool. It is very easy to use. One time purchase price, with slight discount from Langmuir, is well worth it.

I can’t say for sure that 2021 will work (there seem to be some issues with CAM in Inventor 2021 HSM), but I use the F360 post porcessor with Inventor 2020, and it works great. Same comments for the nesting plug in.
Don’t forget to edit your pierce delay in the post under user-defined properties. The defaul setting is 1 second.

Disregard the comment about changing the post - you can set pierce delay in the Properties window within the Post Processing Dialog - sorry about that.

The Fusion post should indeed work with Inventor.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try it out.

I forgot to come back and tell you all the results. The fusion post works great with inventor. Autodesk Inventor has amazing Nesting capabilities. I can deign my 3D assembly, click on all the sheet metal parts, and auto nest them. Once nested I can generate tool paths inside of Inventor than post out the NC file. The file opens up in fire control and runs great. If you’re looking to take your process to the next level and you can justify the cost Autodesk Inventor is an amazing option. It does cost about $2,500.00 per year. I happen to get it free thru my employer. Very thankful for that.