Aussie MR-1 Owner

Hi all,
My name is Mark, I live in southern Australia.
After much consideration I have pulled the pin and placed an order for a MR-1 gantry mill.

Right now the unit is part way across the Pacific Ocean, which gives me time to recover from the various duties, taxes and freight overheads needed to get it here! Other than that, happy to buy American, we are light on machine tool vendors in Aus.

Toolmaker / design engineer by background, currently involved in freelance industrial design & prototyping.

Thanks to this forum for providing valuable insight into the MR-1, looking forward to setting up and putting the unit to work

Cheers for now.


Welcome to the forum. Let us know if we can be any assistance to your new venture.

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Love that trade/skill/ability! It seems most of the world is willing to allow all of this ingenuity to be taken over by the corporate giants without concern of what that dependency leads to. We need more people like you that say “We still matter, can make things and think for ourselves!”

[Sorry for the rant - soapbox moment over]

Good luck to you and welcome to the forum.

Thanks! I expect the questions may start around mid September

I hear you, and know exactly where you are coming from.

Thanks for the welcome

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