Attaching Z axis assembly to x axis carriage


Trying to assemble my pro table and the torch mount block(where you attach the torch mount to the Z axis) is in the way. I have the screws started but there is no way I will be able to get an Allan in it to tighten them. Is there a way I can manually move the block up out of the way or do I need to plug it in and do it? If so how would i do that?

You can just turn the lead screw by hand by grabbing the coupler and turning it.

Thanks I’ll try that again. I thought I had tried that but I was a bit cold and tired. Heater in the shop was having a hard time keeping up.

The coupler at the top of the lead screw correct

That’s the easiest place to grip it, but anywhere on the screw will work. The motor should turn easily with no power to it.