Assembly Question On The Pro

I’m stuck. I was able to install the other 3 corners, but are having issues with this corner. Any one run into this issue? The holes are not lining up, see the pics below.


image image

Tried flipping the plates? Seems to be manufactured a tad off.

Yeah I tried flipping the plates and I also tried switching Y- Rails from LF to RH and still no fix.

Ouch! That sucks!

HI, it looks like the hole spacing is wrong on the Y axis- there was one other customer that had this issue as well. We will send you a new one, Sorry for the incovenience.

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Okay, thanks.

I just got box 2 today and started putting the frame together. Have the same issues with bolts lining up. I loosened all the other bolts to get as much slack in the hole. I was able to get my bolts in by putting some pressure on the square tubing (hand pressure). This made for a tight fit but works great.


Now, that’s good service. That’s exactly how I operated when I worked for Samsung here!:grinning:

Yeah I tried the same thing, but its off.