Assembly of gussets to keep legs straight when using casters

Hi all, this might be a stupid question!

I just wanted to know if it’s okay to install the gussets before I put the water table on.

The reason I ask is I have been assembling the crossfire Pro on a workbench. If I remove it from the workbench at the step, the legs will give out/twist because they have casters installed and the gussets are not installed yet, even though the order of assembly is what I have followed.

Any questions or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The picture attached shows where I was at earlier with assembly being made on the workbench. I have gotten further to the point where the next step is the water table.

Thank you!


from what I see and remember is that the water table help holds the table square before you put the gussets on.
I like your idea of raising it off the floor to assemble…do not put it on the floor till you really need to is how i feel…

Thanks toolboy! I actually missed a step securing the frame rails which is my fault. Now I have secured the frame properly, it’s standing! Next… Water table :slightly_smiling_face:

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you will see a lot of information on the water tables…joining them together…I used the screws and bolted them all together and to the table frame without the sealant between the pans…then I put about 1/2" of water in each pan…then TIG welded the two pans together…from the top…melting the two flanges together…
the water kept the pan from warping…then I filled the table more…and ran air pressure from below along the seam…found a few holes…drained down the pan…dried out the holes and rewelded it…

Now I have a “single” pan assembly…


I’m expecting my last box to be delivered the week. Toolboy, what a great way to keep the pan cool while you TIG the joints together.

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sorry for the delay…

thanks…I have done this before on other welding projects

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Great idea using a workbench to assemble. Mine is still in the box, so I will do that. By the way, is your workbench a converted Metatech scaffolding or is that some kind of an accessory. So cool!

It’s a converted metal tech bench I made into a working bench with steel top and vice. Best thing I did in my shop, it rolls out in summer and it’s super sturdy.