Assembling frame

I believe one of my lower cross tubes has the holes drilled backwards. The big holes for the spacers are opposite my other tube. If I flip the tube over the holes for the slat holders are on the bottom.

That is our mistake- we will get a replacement out to you ASAP


I have the same problem :frowning_face:

Decided to fix the problem myself instead of waiting. Thankfully the Bridgeport made quick work of the fix. I also had to increase the bore diameter on one of the lead screw mounts for the bearing to fit. The QA and tolerances are definitely lose at the factory.

I had 4 of the same legs (was missing the two with the small mounting holes for the control box). They shipped me 2 replacements right away USPS Priority Mail. I thought they said they’d send me a return label for the original ones.

I carefully levered out the caster fittings because I didn’t want to send back messed up ones. Packed em all back up in the boxes I got the replacements in and they said I could keep them :blush:

So I used them as the main supports for a bottom shelf under the water tray where I can store the cutter and my water buckets. Just added a couple of holes on the ends for some qtr inch bolts and made my own shelf.

Super customer service.

The only other issue I had was one lead screw had a burr on the cut end so it wouldn’t fit through the bearing. I just chased it with a file. Everything else was spot on - especially the critical gantry components. I’m thrilled with the quality of construction & the customer service. Considering the kind of shop oriented tool this is I would not have been surprised (or disappointed) if it were a rougher build quality. Super happy with mine!