Assembled, trying to set up initioal jog

i got my crossfire pro assembled and plugged into my computer and mach 3 downloaded but in mach it says the rnr motion card not found i cannot get it to talk to my computer

That’s because CrossFire Pro doesn’t use Mach3. Read the downloads section to get the correct software for the Pro.

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okay i was wondering about that well i have firecontrol downloaded too and that says theres no machine connection

what operating system are you running?

windows 10 and trying to hook up to firecontrol

in the instructions it says to plug the usb in to the computer so that the drivers can automatically down load but nothing is happening

let us take this to the beginning…

crossfire pro does not use Mach3…delete Mach 3 from your system
make sure you have the latest version of Fire Control from Langmuir

turn on your computer…plug the usb from the Firecontrol box to your PC…turn on the control box…
then open Fire Control…things should light up…


then what post processor program are you using to take your DFX or SVG file and converting it to g-code…Confusion360…sheetcam,…?

which ever post processor you are using you have to download the FireControl patch into you post processor program so that when it creates the g-code it does it in the format Fire Control uses.

you have to convert your design file to g-code so the firecontrol can read the code to create the final cut pattern…


well im not even that far yet. im still in the set up stage, i havent cut a thing yet, in the assembly guide, it says to jog the machine to true it up with the slat bed

oh and im using fusion360

can you post a pic of firecontrol running?

it doesnt run at all it wont connect with my machine

that’s fine but just trying to get a visual of what’s on or off in firecontrol.

hook up and power the table and computer, bring up firecontrol and take a pic on the whole screen.

i got it figured out guys, it was a bad usb cable, how can a brand new cable not work? lol

was it one from Langmuir?..or one from off shore Amazon supplier…
I build PC’s from time to time…cables are not all the same…

the one from langmuir

Send an email to the support line…they can issue you a new one most likely

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