Assembled Crossfire Pro + THC + Limit Kit + Razorweld45 For Sale in Traverse City, Michigan

I have a lightly used crossfire pro for sale


  • Assembled Crossfire Pro
  • Razorweld Razorcut 45 with Machine Torch
  • THC
  • Limit switch kit

I love the thing I just don’t have the garage space or use it frequently enough to justify owning it.

Open to offers. My order with shipping and taxes came to 4,863.28 plus assembly time.

The only slightly non-standard aspect is I ended up 3d printing the interface holding the torch to the z-axis plate. I build cnc’s as a hobby and this works perfect. If its not satisfactory Langmuir sells a metal mount for around 75.00

I have the manuals and things for all components along with most of the empty parts bags if you want those.

Happy to provide videos to serious inquiries.

Still for sale?

I live an hour from you and i am very interested if you still have it for sale. please feel free to call or text me at 2314598513 thanks

Is it sold then or still for sale?