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So I see all the cool projects that the plasma community(if there is such a thing) have done and I can’t imagine designing them in Fusion 360. Can someone line out the software that would be helpful to someone like me who is artfully challenged that will help me get from graphical art or even photos to tool paths… or at least to an import file.

Search inkscape cnc plasma cutting on youtube.


I use Aspire software and sheetcam. Perfect for any needs. You can look at Vectrics other software if you don’t like the price of Aspire. They work great too.

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I use VCarve Pro for our CNC mill, what gcode post-processor do you use? or do you export as DXF and import into sheetcam?


I am a total newb at this and won’t have my table until Batch 2. With that I’ve somewhat learned Fusion 360 cad and cam. The parts that I am most interested in manufacturing are designed and G code files created. I am pretty jazzed about progress so far since I think the machine will have paid for itself with this one project. My issue is beyond these initial projects. Up front I didn’t consider art projects but looking around this is certainly a great opportunity. My problem is designing structural parts is easy but art is out of my league! Since my initial question I stumbled across inkscape but it is just ANOTHER software program to slug through. So with the jibberish out of the way I found some clipart files and ran them through to get them into .svg files which worked. Next I brought them into Fusion 360 and ran into problem when trying to define tool paths in CAM. I couldn’t tell witch side of the line it was trying to cut on and even the simulation crashed. Since then I have seen where some people have made more than 1 G code file to resolve the crashing issue but the cutside is something else. Trial and error will probably fix this but it just seems like the long way around.

Yes, i save the file as svg then import into sheetcam. It takes 10 seconds for sheet cam to do its thing and then I’m cutting. Perfect system!



Check out sheet cam and save yourself the aggravation.

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That is exactly what I do.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it. Just out of curiosity how does Sheetcam address cutside?

You can choose cut side. You can move lead in location you can choose the cut order. All very easy and no problems doing it. Quick easy very easy program to work with. I like easy fast problem free.
There are a few big table companys that did videos on tube that are very! Good. Arclight maybe?

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Thanks again. I need to dig into this. I’ve watched more videos related to software and plasma cutting in the last month. Hopefully there’s still room in the skull to jam more info.:nerd_face:

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Yes, on youtube their channel is actually named “Arclight Dynamics” I watched almost all of their videos on sheetcam and it got me going pretty quick. Go to their playlist and they have 14 tutorials on Sheetcam alone.

Good luck

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Another newbie here(batch 2 #11699)…so if I choose to not use Fusion 360 until I know more, I can use either Inkscape or SheetCam for the design part? Then that design is loaded into the new LS FireControl software to cut?

follow up to my previous question…I just googled SheetCam and they are a UK company…(found it at If I also want that program…(I did download Inkscape and tried a simple project following a youtube video tutorial…btw it was totally fun)…… is this site where we purchase it, or do we purchase it through Langmuir systems or a sheetcam usa site? I also wonder if the UK version will be in MM or inches too…LOL

Not quite. Inkscape is for design and Sheetcam isfor toolpathing & G-Code generation.

BTW, Inkscape is free. Sheetcam you have to order from their website - Langmuir doesn’t resell it.

@jamesdhatch Ok…so the order is Inkscape for design, then import into SheetCam for gcode, then it will still need the LS FireControl to cut? sorry for all the questions, Lisa

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Correct. Firecontrol replaces Mach 3 that is used on the current Crossfire to take the GCode and make the machine do the cuts.


I’m new at this but I have a CNC with aspire but i’ll need sheet cam also? And if known what kind of controller do you recommend ? My table has only 2 axes on it.

Your question is a bit confusing. Have you ordered or do you own a Langmuir Systems Crossfire/Pro plasma table? if you do, you don’t need a ‘controller’ it already comes with one.

If you do not own a Crossfire/CrossfirePro and have some other plasma table this forum won’t be of much help. Try

If your intention was to say you already use Aspire with some other type of CNC machine (router) and would like to continue to use it to make designs for plasma to cut on your Crossfire/CrossfirePro then you will:

  • for time being require SheetCam to post process (generate GCode) the designs made in Aspire. I believe Langmuir may eventually release a plugin post for Aspire but they have not committed to it. So Sheetcam is your only choice for now.
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