Are these bolts a better option to connect two ArcFlat tables together?


I am not for using the epoxy method to connect two tables; even though I purchased the Precision Bolt Kit, I am not confident in succeeding. If there were an installation video, maybe I would have more confidence to do it!

Thus, I was looking for different solutions and would like to hear your thoughts.

  • the first solution is leveling the tables using the caster. Of course, there is no chance of having the two table flat or near flat, but we still have the option to saprate them if needed.
  • the second solution is to use these "US160560.N: Short Connecting Bolt (Nitrided) from Siegmund. However, not much info on how to use them

Hey Sam

First off let me make sure I understand what your talking about.

You want to join two tables together but you would like to maybe take them back apart later if need be?

So you would have 2 tables with 8 legs total but only use 4 when joining them together?

Do you want adjustable casters to help with aligning tables when you fasten the two togeather? or to be able to move the table around once connected?

I think the epoxy bolt kit would be easy to do as you don’t add ant epoxy until you have everything set. I don’t see it coming back apart after this is done.

Are you sure the bolts from Siegmund will work? I take it the holes in the arc flat tables are not precision enough or Langmuir would use the same thing. Siegmund is on a whole nother level when it come to tables.

I also wonder how flat does your table need to be? I have a 5x6 table and its far from flat in terms of .000 inch. I get you want to get them as close as possible but why not just bolt them together with regular bolts?

Not sure what equipment you have but I would make the two table as flush and flat as I could then I would bolt them with maybe 8 bolts stager the placement and tighten them good. Then I would flip the table over and set it on something to hold it up in the air so you can feel the top side and make sure it did not move. then I would find maybe four of the holes that should be close on alignment and I would drill if necessary, them ream and then I would pin them.

Using the precision bolt kit is not as bad as you’d think. Just buy the right epoxy and epoxy accessories and you’ll be fine.

I had a bit of trouble pushing the plungers down on one of my bolts, but I’d give it whirl before you try different bolts. Langmuir does things like this for a reason.

Thank you all for the great input. I learned, and my eyes opened to new ideas.
I will keep exploring and report back when I have something to show.

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