Are there part numbers on Razorweld X45 Consumables

Are there part numbers on Razorweld X45 Consumables. Just got my table Im looking to stock up on the tips an stuff, so I cant find any part numbers. I think L Systems prices are too high am I wrong?

You can buy cheaper but you get what you pay for.

Assuming he still has it @mechanic416 has a eBay store he sells OEM parts


The consumables that Langmuir sells are a fare price and they seem to be good. I can’t give you part number for the Langmuir consumables but I can give you the part numbers for the Tecmo consumables I sell.
Cutting tip - 51206
Electrode - 52574
retaining cup - 60305T
swirl ring - 60041
CNC shield - 51924

And don’t use Hypertherm consumables as most of the time they do not work or cause damage to your torch.