Arched Text on a saw blade

I’m wanting to cut text in an arch design, trying to cut on an old saw blade. I’m not having luck getting the text in fusion 360 to follow a curved path. Any suggestions?

Use Inkscape. It’s easy and free. Lots of online tutorials, too.

Inkscape is great for arched text. If I remember right, you can just grab a node from below the text and adjust accordingly.

Make sure to convert the text to curves then import it into fusion as an svg.

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Checkout QCAD on YouTube . They show how, then save as dxf file, run in Sheetcam for the gcode.

Draw your arch and place one letter at a time. It’s a pain but if fusion is all you have it will work.

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Actually, you draw a separate curved path (any kind of curve) and you have the text follow it. Pretty cool!

Weird. I wonder if that changed. When I switched to affinity I had to start drawing the extra line to put the text on it and I remember hating that change.

Well, like practically anything else in Inkscape, you can do it several different ways and I have done it by ungrouping the text and repositioning each character when I wanted a random pattern, but if I want to follow a specific curve, I’d draw the path (a simple circle in this case), create the text, assign it to follow the path (I forget the exact command), and simply scale it to fit nicely around the center. Easy peasy…
I’m sure Professor @num1husker includes this in his curriculum… :wink:

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Thank all of You