Arc voltage loss problem

Having problem with Arc voltage loss
I am running a cut master 52
I have raw voltage from my plasma cutter to the Langmuir box I know I am not losing voltage between there
It runs about 115 dc
Do not know how to check Langmuir box
Or what els to check
I would appreciate some help thank you

What’s your air supply like? How much can you cut until you lose the arc? Pictures?

I haven’t ever ran out of Air
I am running a IR 3hp 80gal compressor

Well you’re not giving anyone much to work with here. Need some detail. Pictures, settings, computer plugged in while cutting?

People have made similar posts before and it ended up being because they were using 2hp 20 gallon compressor, so I’m trying eliminate the easy stuff.

I I appreciate that I will have to get more information for y’all

I’ve read on the form for other people having the same issues I have done the test they were told of them to do
I figured out I have 1.8 V coming into my THC connection when the connector is unplugged from the white board
If I plug it back in and try to run program I get
1 volt