ARC through the retaining cup

Good evening… been using my crossfire for about a year now. I use a miller 375 x-treme with an xt-30 torch. Recently I have been encountering a burn hole / arc. That comes through between the retaining cup, and drag shield. It appears it is right where the torch holder on the crossfire connects to the torch.

Any ideas what is causing this issue. It doesn’t happen when I use the torch by itself. Only when connected to the crossfire table.

Thanks. Kevin.

Hi Kevin, I have the 675 ex and had a similar problem, I assumed I did not clamp the torch in just right at some point and squeezed the cup out of round. I now use a torch holder that I bought from a member on here @Lil_Abners_Kustoms and have not had a problem since.
I think the CF holder grabs it just a little off and allows it to get oblong if it is not installed just right and /or over torqued.

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Does it looks like this, this is my XT40 as I have a 675Xtreme machine

It looks like there is a newer version of the retaining cup that appears to be full brass