Arc on during rapid

I am sure it’s something I missed in the tool path setup. But can anyone tell me why my arc stays on when it rapids between cuts. I on a long rapid it just leaves a scar but short runs it’s actually cutting through. Thanks in advance

Is this every time it rapids? Or only intermittently?

Does it ever ‘skip’ actual cut lines after this happens? Or does it always fire properly on the cut lines?

Is this only with one G-code? Or every G-code that you load?

It seems to fire properly after it happens. I have not noticed it skipping cut lines after. It’s usually on a smaller hole or cut that the arc will stay on when it goes to the next pierce point. If it’s a short rapid it will cut 90 percent through. It has not been on every G code I’ve tried but is consistantly on the G codes it does it on. I even tried changing the lead in inside and out side of the cut. Longest was 3 inches of travel that it stayed on and scribed a line across the part.

You need to make sure your plasma cutter is set in the 2T setting.


Will check later and see if that’s the issue. Thanks

That was indeed the issue. It was set on 4T. Thanks much for the help

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