Arc Cuts into piece on initial travel

Hello All,

My arc cuts into the piece a little much for my liking. I’ve tried many variations to the settings, try to slow it down and increasing the angle and lead-in but it still happens. All consumables are new, and otherwise it is making very clean cuts.

Any ideas on how to minimize this?


Miller 375 Extreme, 30A, 60IPM

Lead-In Radius: 0.1 in

Sweep Angle: 60 degrees

Lead In Distance: 0.07 - 0.1

Pierce Clearance: .08


Pierce delay? I assume you nibble is near the pierce point?
Is the 1/8"

0.5 sec, 1/8 inch

Yeah, its where it comes into the part from the pierce. The rest of the cut will be pretty smooth.

Use lead out perhaps?

Never mind. I see you said ‘initial’ travel.

Most often is the case that the nib occurs when the arc extinguishes, i would recommend using a decent leadout. Bear in mind that it’s challening to get rid of, especially on thin material.

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Ok, I will try extending the lead out.

I understand that it wont be perfect, but it still seems a bit too much to me.

1/8" is considered thin material?

How much lead out was used in those parts in the pictures?

Actually it appears I had it set to zero. I was still following the instructions on the Langmuire videos.