Arc and no arc, razor cut 45

hello, doing some live voltage test, when i click torch fire sometimes it does all 3 test fine and when i do the test again sometimes one of the 3 would not fire, just air coming through. plasma is set on 2t
i have the ground cable just placed on the copper of the drainage. also on the plasma unit i did reverse the 2 connection because it was saying the voltage was too high, (i only put in on the terminal because the paper that was in the box said the left terminal was the trigger)
btw my table has the auto torch height, i have the torch height about 2in from the table
my compressor is a kobalt 26 gallon tank set at 120psi
any advice is appreciated

Put water in table
Put metal on table
Clamp to metal…do not clamp to drain…do not clamp to slats…clamp to metal
Do not have laptop plugged in to power
Put ferrite chokes on wires

Do a search on your plasma cutter to see if there have been other cutters like your with problems

Hint…little magnifying glass top right of screen is your friend…so are we