Ar500 w/Powermax 45XP

I’ve got two 4x8 of 3/8 AR500 coming. I’ve read to just use the same settings as mild steel, but I’m curious if anyone is cutting the stuff and if they are changing their settings.

I cut a bunch…no change in settings. In my experience your machine doesn’t know the difference.

I’ve cut a ton (maybe literally? That stuffs heavy!) of 1/2" AR500 and the book settings for mild steel worked perfectly. I didn’t see a need to adjust them at all.

Sweet thanks. I cut a bunch of 1/4 and 1/2 with my Harbor Freight cutter a few years back. Sure was fun hitting the duty cycle and waiting, and then the cleanup of the cuts took forever.

This experience will actually be worth the investment.

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What do you use the AR500 for?

It’s pretty much the standard material for pistol and rifle targets. Heavy equipment manufactures use it a lot too, like for dump truck beds. But all of us small timers cut it up for target shapes.