Anyone using Solidworks CAM to program G code for Firecontrol?

New here and just ordered my XR so trying to get ready for its arrival!

I know there has been some discussion in the past but I wanted to revisit this. I am a fairly heavy Solidworks user and know that the CAM portion of it has become pretty robust, I have the Pro license. Has anyone created a post processor or modified one to utilize Solidworks to program the G-code?

I am ok with the suggestion of importing DXFs into Fusion360 if needed but would much prefer staying all native in Solidworks CAM if I can.


I would recommend using SheetCam for the CAM tool if everything else you do is in SolidWorks.

SheetCam is super easy to use and it works well with FireControl.


T^om has said it all…why try to re-invent the wheel…Sheetcam works like a charm…real easy

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Langmuir has a publication on their website(see below) to aid writing you own post processor. That said, at $140 sheetcam is probably a bargain compared to the time it will take to write your own post.

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ok thanks - i took the advice and just bought sheetcam.