Anyone using one of these THC yet?

It looks like it may be a simple add on as it says it works with Mach 3 but I know just enough to get me in trouble and electronics are not my strong point so I am curious if anyone has integrated one yet. As much as a complete DIY sounds fun frankly I dont have the time to re invent the wheel so getting a plug and play ( or as close as I can get to plug and play ) THC will save me time and effort. As I used to work at an automated GTAW system manufacturer I may be able to get the premade mechanical side of it at or near cost and if Nueron doesnt make it. (The site pictures one but isn`t clear if they make/sell one although I inquired via email.)
Let me know you thoughts!

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The biggest issue (I would guess) is that you need a motorized z axis assembly. Can the Langmuir carry the additional weight cantilevered on the arm? Also, there are a number of these standalone height controls on the market, none of which offer the motorized z axis…so you would need to design and fabricate something that was light enough, yet could handle thw up down movement of the torch (for pierce height then real time arc voltage feedback cut height. Jim Colt

Thanks for the feedback! The main question I believe is the weight issue and from my searching on here it sounds as if a few guys have made their own. I used to work at Weldlogic who makes automated GTAW systems so I may be able to talk them into selling me some components for their Torch slide/Arc Distance Control to save me from again reinventing the wheel but I will cross that bridge when I get there. I did get a reply from Neuron this Am and they confirmed that (the lite version) it should work with Mach 3 and the table and just asked me to check with Langmuir regarding Mach3 Macro M10Px and M11Px. So hopefully it won`t be too complicated as my goal is to expand the table to 2’ x 4’ and add a THC to the mix.
Have a good one and thanks for the input!

They supplied this diagram as well.