Anyone Using Miller Spectrum 625 (NOT XTREME VERSION)

Is anyone using the Miller Spectrum 625 Plasma (not the Xtreme version)
This was purchased around 2001/2/3 … roughly.

Im looking for Cut charts… THC Wiring help…

anything you can help with would be appreciated.

is it a blowback start or a high frequency start…?

I’m not sure which type it is. I couldn’t find anything listed in the Miller owners manual

Langmuir does list it as compatible on their chart.

reach out to the local Miller supplier…find out…you can not use high frequency starts with plasma tables…

That is a high frequency start plasma machine.

sorry to say…if that is a HF start…you are unable to use it on the Langmuir table…it will fry the electronics of the table system…

i wonder why langmuir would list it as compatible then?

call the manufacturer…confirm with them…we may be wrong…I was wrong once…it might happen again…

Response from Langmuir

The Miller Spectrum 625 is not a high frequency plamsa cutter. It is definitely compatible with our CNC machines. Please let us know if you have any more questions


See if i can bring this back to life as i have a ton of consumables for my non extreme 625. Gotnit all wired no thc. My priblem being tjat this old boy dont wanna fire as fast as some of tje g code is makes nice long cuts but wont do .75 inch letters skips a few them picks back up does one and skips again. So im wondering do i add more piece time or will this machine not rapid start. Also has a continuous air flow after each cut built in to cool tip. No adjust on it. Seems like if its pierce timkng i would have to add 5 seconds or more yes five not .5.

Anyways hope some can save me some time.