Anyone using a harbor freight compressor?

Hey guys. I’m not a huge harbor freight fan but there are some diamonds in the rough to be had from there. I have had the 2hp dust collector in my shop for 10 years and I’ve abused the shit out of it…it just smiles and goes on doing what it was intended to do. I say that to say, I’m not afraid of buying HF. Just wondering about that big compressor they sell. It looks pretty beefy… and there’s a lot of good reviews. Curious if any of you are running one… and if you’re happy with it. I finalizing my air upgrade plans and seriously considering this one.

i’m using the 29 gallon belt driven compressor. bought it at a pawnshop for $150.practically brand new. It’s been working great so far.

I added an aftercooler & water separator on it to cut down the moister going into the tank.

If I remember right, you’re using a tranny cooler correct? Out of nothing but curiosity… was there a reason why you did that vs an AC condenser? I’m gonna do the same thing but I was thinking about using the AC condenser. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter

it was just what other people were doing with good results. i would assume that an AC condenser would work with the right fittings. You’re just trying to cool the air before it goes into your tank.

Ok. Well I think maybe the size of the runs should be a factor… just for flow. (I’m thinking outloud here) I’m thinking ideal would be if the tubing in whatever cooler you were using was the same size as whatever is coming from the pump output. Yours looks like it matches pretty well . Again, just thinking outloud.

i picked one that was about the same size tubing as the pump outlet. if i were to do it again, i would use different fittings. I used flared which was a pain to try to fit but eventually it worked.


Lowes has a Kobalt 2 stage 60gal 175psi for under $600.

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