Anyone running Hypertherm 380

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on cut speeds(IPMs) for 10guage and quarter inch? I just bought a Predator 8750 inverter. Ive been running my cutter on 110v and have to re-post a lot of files and book settings arent working out. Im gonna cut some test boxes starting at 60ipm and going down in 5 second increments, but material is expensive so if I can get a starting point closer than the book might save some bread.

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This is the chart that is not working for you?

5ipm increments?

That’s good from I read in the book the 230v config is only for 50hz power

How aren’t they working out? Not cutting through? Lots of dross? What is the out come?

Are you using a THC? Connected to Raw voltage?

Fist thing you need to be running on 240 volts for metal thicker then 11 gauge.

Running off a generator is not helping things as there is way to much fluctuation in voltage out put.

The 350 and 380 were made for doing HVAC work not for use on a CNC table.

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Another fun fact is this unit was made by Miller for hypertherm.

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Yes Miller made a lot of the Hypertherm plasma cutters and Hypertherm made a lot of the Miller and Hobart torch’s.

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Yes, thats the chart that im using. 160ipm cuts 18guage fine but it wont cut 10guage at 57 (or 30ipm). Doesnt cut through in spots, lots of slag top and bottom.
Yes I meant 5ipm increments.
There are 2 versions of the Hypertherm powermax 380. A 50hz and 60hz. One for the US and one for the rest of the world. The US version will run on 110v or 220v.
Im not running a thc, just x and y.
I have a feeling this cutter is giving up the ghost. Ive been using it on 110 but if I turned the amps past 16 it would pop my breaker. I was also cuting 10guage at 18ipm lots of slag. I plugged in my titanium 45a and cut 10guage on 30amps at 35ipm. It cut pretty clean all the way through and slag was easy to clean. On 110v the Titanium cut 10guage at 11ipm nice and clean.

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It actually is putting out 240v. Ive just got used to saying “220”. I know its not ideal, but where Im set up isnt ideal. I plugged my Titanium 45a in and that one works great. I think the Hypertherm is going down. Almost like the diodes went out in my sp135 and the duty cycle went down to like 3%.