Anyone Read Any Good Books On Fusion 360?

I needed an education in Fusion 360 and parametric modeling. My simple extruded sketches worked fine for plasma cutting. Then I had trouble making changes without my sketches going all wonky. Mostly, I want to go much further with Fusion 360 so I can design, plan and build my ideas; fixtures, tools/machines, furniture and product I wish to sell.

I bought this book because it teaches the basics of parametric modeling and uses Fusion 360 to do it. Also, it was written recently (Spring 2022 Edition) so is compatible with the latest version.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I don’t know whether to recommend it to someone with no CAD experience.

It seems to be written for an instructor to elaborate on each feature or topic. It is poorly written/edited for the high price relative to other books out there. It lacks depth covering the features of Fusion 360 & methods of parametric modeling and there are functions it doesn’t cover at all. For instance it does not cover any of the sheet metal functionality in Fusion 360.

For me, it was a good introduction to both Fusion 360 and parametric modeling. I did get what I wanted out of it. It is step by step which I like. There are a lot of diagrams at the end of each chapter to copy and practice those skills on your own. So, if you are the type who will dig in to figure it out this book works. Like anything else, you get out of it what you put in to it. Again, I did get out of it what I wanted. I feel confident with the knowledge I gained from it that I can use Fusion 360 for my purposes. I was left wanting more for my money.

I suppose I am harping on the price for a book so poorly written, lacking in depth & content and it’s too costly if you just want to sketch and extrude for plasma.

If there are other books any of you have used, I would like to hear your reviews.

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Product development online is great that explaining Fusion 360 and keeping up with their updates.

Autodesk Fusion 360 also has a very comprehensive Forum site.

I’m lurking on there as well.


SMW machine has a great course that will teach you all you need to know about fusion. Go to online courses. Best I’ve seen so far. Its $99 dollars. It has both CAD and CAM classes.

Just check out the online classes on the website.

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Good review, thanks!

As TW mentioned, PDO’s youtube videos are very clear and go step by step. He has a series called

Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days for Complete Beginners!

It is comprehensive and each segment is bite sized and builds on previous segments. This is how I learned Fusion 360…

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@Zen you should post this review on Amazon. Your objective feedback would be a good contrast to the description and may help improve the book.

Will do. Thanks @TomWS

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