Anyone near fort worth texas?

Just got my table set up, curious if anyone was close and wanted to come save me some headaches on shortcuts for this table. Let me know if anyone is close or interested! Would love to see how everyone uses it.

I live in Mineral Wells.

What kind of work are you doing?

so far it has been pretty exclusively art signs and sculptures on the table.l Technical cuts on the table in my opinion are easier than doing the artwork. I initially began using fusion and will continue in the very near future i think i will switch to sheet cam for the art stuff…it looks like it will take a lot of headach out of tool path generation for me. I have only been using the machine about two months…the learning curve is super steep if you havent ever used cad and cam software. I have a small fabrication shop that i am trying to grow. although currently i see more demand for decorative stuff rather than fab work. i also do field work generally fencing and un occupied metal shelter constuction. i have a lot of experience with plasma cutting just fairly new to cnc plasma.

Man if you ever get some free time and wanna make your way up here I would love to go over some stuff. I also have a ton of fab work I can keep up with if your interested.

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