Anyone from wisoconsin

just wondering if there is anyone from Wisconsin.

I’m close to the border of IL/Wi

yes north of the dell

About 20mi WNW of Milwaukee for me… Good to see some neighbors here on the forums!!

Im about 100 miles north of Wausau.

Near the wis/il border south of Madison. Waiting on batch 2 of the pro table.

I’m half way between Milwaukee and Madison. Waiting on batch 2 Also.

Where you from Mudd?

How close to watertown?

I’m about 30 minutes from Watertown

I’m in Milwaukee, batch one of the pro.

Near Colfax, # 9181 batch 2 Pro

Smack dab in the Village of Sussex!! Good to see the Langmuir Neighborhood filling up!!

Just ordered the crossfire pro last week. I’m in the East Troy area.

Just ordered the standard CrossFire package. Live in Brookfield but CrossFire will be in East Troy

Just ordered my CrossFire Pro… Shipping to good 'ol Sheboygan.

Good to hear it and Welcome!!

Just North of Waukesha here!!

I’m am in New Richmond. Is your Crossfire up and running? I am very interested and getting one and would really like to see one in person.


I have to many other projects going currently and haven’t had time to even open the boxes yet.

Ok, but let me know when up and running, but how can you not want to just get in going to play with lol ?

how far north? i’m in Big Flats 20 min south of the rapids